Miscellaneous Vintage Fishing Lures.

We have a taste of several different companies like The Mercoy Tackle Company of Grosse Point, Michigan, who first introduced the Mercury Minnow fishing lure in 1949. The Mercury minnow is just that, it’s call to fame coming from the ball of Mercury that rolls around inside the lure, creating a wobble action when it’s retrieved, coming with the slogan “It act’s alive”. Hex Bait Company from Brockville Ontario Canada, started in 1930 and lasted until the 1960's The company was founded by Hector MacLean.  Early Gibbs tool and Stamping works, with our early Gibbs Martin Salmon Plug. We will set up some of our unboxed lures here also as we get them photographed.

This Scarce Wooden Makinen Merry Widow is an early version dating to 1946/1947 We believe this lure was Manufactured in 1946 and packaged and sold in 1947. With the "Stream Tested Baits" Slogan added to the boxes in 1947. Makinen also switched to Tenite plastics in 1947. Our lure is in Wood dating it to 1946/47 before the switch to tenite.

This Early Mercury Minnow is the Perch color lure complete with the hard to come by early silver box and paperwork. We are on the look out for an orange Mercury Minnow also. If you have an orange version you would like to trade please contact us.

This is a great lure, this one comes from the Gibbs Tool & Stamping works in Vancouver B.C. With a rare early double label box & with a Silver Scale Salmon Plug in 41/2 inches. This is an early Gibbs Martin Salmon Plug in correct box. This Combo is up for Trade!

An always popular salmon plug brand the Lucky Louie by Bill Minser. This is the Wee Louie in Peral Pink color.  These highly collectable baits are a fun find every time. The box and artwork are unique to this brand. This lure Combo is up for Trade!

This Naturalure is a special one because it was given to us by Gary Love Sr. My dad, he was given this lure in California by his Dad who purchased this lure at a local tackle shop. Naturalure Bait Co. from Pasadena California, great Life like Lures. The fins become soft and life like when in water.

This Makinen Holi-Comet is a Tenite version dating to the mid 1950's This lure is complete with correct box and paperwork. The Holi-Comet was and is a fantastic fishing lure. Creating a lot of action and delivering results for anglers who chose to use these remarkable lures. 

Founded around 1897 by Joseph Kautzky. The lure known as the "Lazy Ike" got its start around 1938. From 1938-40 production was mainly by hand. From around 1945 to 1960 lathe production was in place and after 1960 Lazy Ike lures were mostly made in plastic. The original Lazy Ike came in 9 colors ours is the Red and White. Lazy Ike corp eventually bought out CCBCO. This Lure traded to a collector in Iowa.

This Hex BX Plug which is in Perch color complete with box and insert. Acquired and part of our collection in 2019, we traded this lure to a great collector in Ontario Canada.

The Spinno Minno series 500 in Frog color. Produced by Pecos River Tackle Company of Carlsbad, New Mexico, founded in 1944. These cool bass lures feature an aluminum disk inside to provide action to the lure. These are a favorite among collectors.

DAM German Made Brown Mouse, these versions of mice are very very good, DAM did a fantastic job on their mouse imitation. Flocked fur and leather ears these lures are high quality vintage collector masterpieces.

The Kick-N-Kackle in Frog color, these were made by Orchard Industries in the great state of Michigan.

More great Lures coming soon as we build our site. Check back often to see more.

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