Antique Lure Reproductions.

Some of the best fishing lures produced these days fall into this category.  Whether made by a single extremely talented artist, or a small little-known company.  Modern day examples of yesteryear's craftsmanship. One of our favorites is the Amazing Charlie Hines from Elizabethtown Kentucky. Charlie is known around the world for his incredible detailed reproductions of the Comstock Flying Hellgrammite, and the amazing detailed Creek Chub Beetle. His popular reproduction Heddon Crazy Crawlers are something of legend. Charlie Hines is a wonderful man and an amazing craftsman, owning one of his lures is not only a privilege, it’s truly an Honor!

This Amazing reproduction of James Heddon's original 1600 Deep Diving Wiggler  is a cherished piece as it was hand crafted by the wonderful Charlie Hines from E, Town Kentucky on August, 8th 2013. This 1600 has Strawberry Pistachio color and the pigtail line tie. Originally patented by Heddon in October on the 20th in 1914.  

This Limited Edition Lure represents the Moonlight No.1. A legendary lure that took  anglers to the water at night. This bait features the Luminous paint pioneered by E. F Pflueger in the late 1800's.  This amazing lure represents everything great about the American influence in the world of sport fishing. This lure keeps our display cases alive all night.

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