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Helin Tackle Company. Canada.

Helin Tackle Company began by creator Charles Helin, from Detroit, Michigan, in 1933. Charles invented a flatfish designed lure, that he had patented in 1936. The Flatfish was constructed with hardwood, but later during the 1940s, Charles decided to change the material to a form of durable plastic. Charles moved the company to Canada & opened manufacturing facilities in Lasalle and Windsor. Helin Tackle Company continued to grow and increased its line of lures by 1971, anglers were able to pick from 21 models with 37 different color sets. Helin lures are greatly respected for durability along with a lasting creative design. Original wood flatfish lures can still be found by collectors today, and for reasonable prices. Charles Helin’s legend continues today, for near 80 years, anglers have used Helin's flatfish to have fun on the water catching fish. The legend will continue for another 80 or more, for collectors and anglers alike.

This old wood U20 Helin Flatfish dates to the late 1930's "38-39" we believe, due to the old box insert with our lure. This one was crafted in Detroit Michigan. 

This wood U20 Flatfish is the 3 gang set up we believe this lure dates to the late 1930's "39-40" Just before the updated catalog came out. It also has an old box insert. And was crafted in Detroit Michigan.

This Wood Fly Rod Flatfish F7 dates to 1948 as the box insert indicates. This lure was crafted in the Canadian factory in Windsor Ontario.

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