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Preservation is our Mission!

Promoting & helping raise awareness of Tackle Collecting.

We strive daily to preserve the history of Sport Fishing, One Rod, One Reel, One Lure, One Line Spool at a time. As the number 4 in our site name fishing4thepast represents the 4 corners of sport fishing equipment, they make up the 4 corners of our collecting & Passion. Everyday great pieces of this history are thrown in the trash considered junk by people who do not understand the value of old fishing items. People taking care of estates and belongings can be in a hurry to get things settled. And often miss out on the potential value of the estate, by underestimating the value of old fishing reels and lures and other related items. This is where we come in, we are trying to inform as many people as possible of the value and historical heritage many of the fishing items represent. Some items being handed down for generations belong in a collection not the garbage. Every great piece big or small we can save from the trash we consider a win. Help us save as many pieces as possible by joining us & informing as many as possible of the value of great old fishing pieces.

If you live in the U.S or Canada there are clubs you can join like the National Fishing Lure Collectors Club, NFLCC. In Canada the Canadian Antique Fishing Tackle Association, CAFTA. For Reel Collectors join the Old Reel Collectors Association, ORCA. Visit our links page for direct links to each cub join today and help preserve the great history of fishing, it is fun and rewarding.

Fishing 4 the past 4 corners of collecting lures and tackle
CCBCO Creek Chub 1505 Dace Injured Minnow

#1 Project

Fishing Lures

Lures are something often tossed as they can be dirty & have a bunch of pokey hooks on them, often found in a tackle box or elsewhere. All lures need is a gentle cleaning, if you are not sure what lure you have, ask us we will help you. Some lures are worth only a couple of dollars, while others can possibly be worth thousands of dollars. Always save the cardboard boxes & Lures. If you need help please contact us Here.

#2 Project

Fishing Reels

Reels are often found on old rods in a pile of dust in a corner or on a wall in the garage. Sometimes they can be greasy & look awful and may at first appear not to work. Most of the time a good cleaning and oiling is all that is needed to bring a reel back to life. Here again some reels may only be worth a few dollars and others worth thousands. If the cardboard box, leather pouch or other container can be found and saved keep the reel and its container together for best value. If you need help please contact us Here.

VL&A Expert #3 Vintage fishing reel
Wright & McGill ECSF 401 Trolling Rod

#3 Project

Fishing Rods

Fishing Rods are another item often found in the garage in a corner or up on the wall covered in dust. Always try and keep the labels and markers on the rods safe. Never let anyone remove tags, or stickers from rods. Rods like Vintage Eagle Claw rods will have Medallions on the handle. Split bamboo usually have identification on the rod close to the handle. If you need help please contact us Here.

#4 Project

Fishing Lines & Extras

Many items like wooden fishing line spools and boxes, reel oilers, and catalogs like the South Bend Catalog shown here can be found in tackle boxes under other items. Sometimes they are kept in an old shoe or wader box with other items. Never throw out these items they can be highly collectable. If you need help please contact us Here.

Vintage South Bend Fishing 1926 Catalog

Anything we can do to help you we will do to preserve as much old fishing history as possible. If you have items you think we would be interested in please contact us Here.

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