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Being able to research old lures and reels is important, it also adds to the fun of collecting. Here we will list a few of our favorite books we use regularly and a couple of fishing books. You can find many great old lure books and resources online as well. We use e-book's a lot, they can quickly be referenced and take up less room. Check Amazon and Barnes and Noble for great lure and reel books. We will add links to our list below.

Creek Chub Fishing Lures Book

This is a must have book for Creek Chub collectors by Harold E. Smith M.D. Harold's work on this book is first class, probably the best Creek Chub lure book one could have. Click the photo for a link.

Heddon Plastic Lures book

This is a must have book for Hrddon collectors by Russell E. Lewis, this book has great detail about all things Heddon Plastic, if you collect spooks this lure book is the one to have. Click the photo for a link.

Old Lures and collectables 8th edition

This is a must have book for collectors, Carl F Luckey and Russell E Lewis did an amazing job on this book. Great for identifying old lures and giving a basic idea of value. We use our online E-Book version all the time. Click the photo for a link.

Fishing lure price guide

This book is used to help with value, loaded with old sold prices, it can help with figuring out what a bait was worth in the past compared to todays ebay sold prices. Giving you a chance to value your lures and reels fairly. Click the photo for a link.

Fishing with the Jackfish the System

Fishing with the Jackfish the System

I cover various aspects, of my Shoot N Scoot style, and also cover Ice Fishing in more detail. It's all about helping you better your confidence and skills, on the water, with a fast system of fishing. Naturally, Jackfish Lures are a big part of this, for me, and my sponsors. This system, will work with many different lures. It's about taking the time to learn your area, the lakes, the fish, and then taking it on the water. Build your library of knowledge, in the sport of fishing, so you can catch more fish when you hit the water. It's a system I run, and it's one you can set up custom for yourself.

Published by AuthorHouse 12/12/2013ISBN: 978-1-4918-3866-2 (sc)ISBN: 978-1-4918-3864-8 (hc)ISBN: 978-1-4918-3865-5 (e)

"Authors DB 5 Star Silver Award Winner for Original Cover Art 2014"

Old fishing tackle catalogs

This is a truly fun book to go through as it's loaded with very early catalogs from the late 1800's. 

Fishing tackle collectors companion

This book is great to take with you to flea markets, garage sales etc. Small enough to take with you and packed with lures and information to help you on the spot. Click the photo for a link.

Fishing with the Jackfish Big Hooks Big Fish Big Adventure

Big Hooks Big Fish Big Adventure

This book is a collection of my favorite memories, I have included some great fishing tips. There are many books about fishing, this one is different in the fact that it's from my Lure Manufacturer's point of view, it's about the great stories of a life spent fishing and making lures. I hope you enjoy this book, I know I certainly enjoyed living it. First published by AuthorHouse 8/12/2008 Gary Carl Love. ISBN: 978-1-4343-8556-7 (sc)

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