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Bronson Reels.

The Bronson Reel Company from Bronson, Michigan started in June 1922 by founder E.J. McMahon, who had formerly been the sales manager for the Shakespeare Company in Kalamazoo. And by 1928, Bronson expanded their line of reels to more than a dozen different models, with many trade style reels being produced for retailers and wholesalers around the U.S. Starting in the 1950’s, the Bronson Reel Company was supplying retailers with trade style reels, among them the famous P-41 casting reel for James Heddon & Sons, and had large contracts with Sears and Montgomery Wards. By the 1960’s, sales began steadily slipping due to enormous competition in the spinning reel market along with the virtual disappearance of the casting reel market.
​Bronson changed ownership more than once during the 1950’s and into the 60’s, but were finally sold to the True Temper Corp in 1967. The factory closed down several years later, with a few of the original models still being offered by True Temper into the 1970’s, sadly 50 years of reel production by Bronson was history. Bronson Reels are very collectable and sought after, and still great quality today.

This Bronson Mercury 2550 Reel dates to 1941 with the stamp on the reel foot. Around 1937, Bronson began to add date marks to the reel foot like 37, 38, etc. This continued through 1941, and ended after Japan attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941 and the U.S. A subsequently entered World War 2.

This Tough Bronson Commander 3600 Reel dates to the late 1930's  1935-1937. It was well used, and a favorite of it's original owner & still works great.  The #3600 Commander was an original Gold Seal group reel that was first produced with plain chromium side plates. In 1935 Bronson Re Designed the 3600 to have the Engraved wave design and hexagon endcaps. The reel was housed in a Silver Art Deco box. The 3600 would last until 1937. The engraved Commander was replaced by the 3650 Commander in 1938 the 3650 also had the drag adjustment moved on the reel to a different location, and only appeared in the 1938 catalog. Engraved Bronson Commander reels are very hard to find, when you find one of these you have found a real prize.

This Bronson J.A Coxe Coronet 25 Casting reel dates to the 1950's. Crafted by Bronson for J.A Coxe fishing tackle, the Coronet 25 was a higher end reel in it's day. Premium quality and stored in a fine leather pouch. This reel is a favorite, showing the quality of the past.

This Sears Belmont reel No.312.3600 is a very ornate version, with the engraved “fishing scene” on the side plates and engraved crank handle. However, it’s the same as the No.312.3500. It is stamped “BELMONT No.312.3600” on the inside, just above the spool, and comes with the No. 312.3600 paperwork in the box. Our reel dates to 1947 post war, Both the 3500 and 3600 came in the same box, sears sold them in Canada as Number 3125.

The Bronson Comet 2400 series reels are somewhat rare to find. First introduced in 1935 the reels would be available in several formats up until 1941 and the entry of the U.S into WWII. The toughest reel in this series to find and a rare reel anyway due to low production numbers is the L.H Left Handed Bronson Comet. Very few of these reels were made making them very hard to find. We found one for our collection and are very excited to have this reel.

The Bronson Lashless 1700 series was first introduced in 1940 and would be gone from the catalogs by 1959. It was the first Bronson model to come with the (ABL) Knob to reduce backlashes. Sometime after 1954 Bronson improved the reel with a stronger spool and re numbered the reel to 1700-A but kept the number on the box as 1700 Our reel dates to 1955 and is a great addition to our collection. 

The Bronson 3700 Silver Princess, Introduced in 1931. This is another of the Gold Seal group of reels. The Silver Princess originally was a plain reel nothing extraordinary about them, just well crafted quality reels. They evolved over time with the addition of some components and finally ending up as one of the most beautifully engraved reels of all time.  The name on the faceplate moved from the top of the plate to the lower position away from the bridge hardware, as can be seen on our reel the name is in the lower position.  Sometime in the later months of 1934 the reel was redesigned and given the amazing art deco engraving, and the "Duo-Click" feature giving the reel 2 different click positions. We believe our reel dates to the mid to late 1934 just before the redesign, as our reel features the "Duo-Click" but is an un engraved reel. This reel still works beautifully and the click positions are still working as they should. Again a testament to the quality of Bronson crafted reels. As the reel was given the model #3720 in 1935, there could be only a small number of the 3700 Silver Princess not engraved with the "Duo-Click" feature, and an even smaller number of the engraved 3700 Silver Princess. 

This Model 69 “Sport King” is another prewar reel supplied by Bronson to Montgomery Ward & Co. This model has an engraved leaping large mouth bass on the face plate & a lash less style A-B-L switch on its tail plate.

The Bronson Fleetwing 2475, this series reel was introduced in 1938 and lasted with various versions until 1973 after Tru Temper had purchased Bronson. This reel dates to the 1970,s. There are several clues that lead us to believe this reel was produced by Tru Temper. 

More great reels coming soon, Check back often to see more.
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