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This is where we post various non lure or reel related items. Pieces like hook and sinker tins, creels, and other old fishing related items. Fishing is a vast sport with many pieces of equipment needed to catch fish. Collectors pick items like old boat motors, paddles, canoes, waders, vests and many other cool items like minnow buckets and floats. The vintage fishing industry covers all aspects of the sport. As we acquire items, we will post them here for everyone to enjoy.


This 1926 South Bend Catalog was a great field find for us. Sometimes when you dig into an old box of papers, real treasure can be found. This is a great read and full of priceless information.  


Mimico Canada, Sinker Tin.


This box of Mustad hooks is a neat one, with the Key Brand, these old boxes are usually in very bad shape as the paper deteriorates.


This Tin of Mustad hooks is in fair shape, with the Key Brand, as with many old tins it's been fishing and is aged with some character.


Vintage Pflueger Kirby Hooks, factory 50 pack. This package is in near perfect condition, kept stored in a collection for many years and never exposed to the outdoors. Preserved in original condition.


This tin is worded nice, Shot, Caps, and instead of Sinkers the word Plummet. Redditch England.


These Shurkatch tins are popular and many are out there to be collected. 


This Tin of Mustad hooks is in great shape, with the Key Brand, This Carlisle hook tin did not see much action.


This tin is a nice one, it is without the diamond logo in the corner which usually covers up the fish action in the graphics. 

More great Vintage Fishing items Coming Soon.

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