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Paw Paw Bait Company began as the Moonlight Bait Company in Paw Paw Michigan, created by Horace Ball and Charles Varney in 1908. The two started the bait company by carving highly detailed wood fishing lures. The lure designers advertised the company with a niche on night fishing. They added an enhanced finish to their lures for better night visibility. Along with the name Moonlight Bait Company they announced their night fishing specialty. The Paw Paw Bait Company merged the Moonlight business during the late 1920s. The Paw Paw Bait Company is famous for their incredible finishes most notably the natural splatter finish on lures like the Wotta Frog really set them apart from other lure companies. Paw Paw Bait Co manufactured its line of fishing lures until 1970 when the Paw Paw Bait Company was purchased by Shakespeare. Sears was a client of the Paw Paw Bait Company with lures that were bought by the retail giant and sold under the Meadowbrook Lures brand. Sears had both Meadowbrook & Paw Paw Bait Co boxes in store & also sent them to anglers who ordered via catalog. Sears had their unique numbering system for lures, which didn't differentiate color. The Paw Paw Bait Co lures that were sold by Sears had some two to four colors classified under the same number. Vintage fishing lure collectors hunt for Paw Paw Bait Co products to add to their collections. If a collector finds a vintage Paw Paw Bait Co lure in an orange box, it could be a leftover fishing lure from the original Moonlight Company, which will undoubtedly add to the history of the lure. Paw Paw Bait Co built incredible and amazing lures with outstanding finishes, there are some out there for collectors to get and add their collections.

The 1600 Pikie lures by Paw Paw were first available in 1931 in a 2 hook model and later models had 3 hooks. Our 1604 is a Red Head and White body Paw Paw Pikie. Red and White was one of a few colors available in this series by the late 1940's. We are always looking for original 2 hook 1600 series Paw Paw Pikie lures in great shape.

Paw Paw 1707 Jointed Pikie in Natural Pikie Color. This late 1940's Pikie was popular and later models came out with grooves by the mouth of the lure and three treble hooks. Also known by Paw Paw as the Famous Pikie Minnow.

The Shiner and Little Shiner lures by Paw Paw were first available in 1942 in both a weighted and non weighted models. The Little Shiner set as Model 8400 with ours being the perch color 8401. We are very happy to have this great lure in such great condition. We are looking for more.

Paw Paw Little Shiner 8408 in Frog finish. According to the 8th Edition of Old Fishing Lures & Tackle the Frog color was only on the Little Shiner in 1963. Which dates this lure to the mid 1960's. One would think the frog finish would have been popular on this lure much earlier but it was not. I would imagine a Little Shiner in the popular Wotta Frog Splatter finish would have been amazing. 

Aristocrat Shiner 8500 in Yellow belly Brown Silver scale Color. This is an early 1940's era lure, note the painted cup rig hardware. Newer versions had surface hardware. No belly weight makes this an 8500 series floater with two props.

Very old Aristocrat Shiner 8512 in Silver Flitter Color. This is an early 1940's era lure. It features the painted cup hardware small size flitter two props and no belly weight. This old lure is a particular favorite in our collection. Recently acquired from a great collector in Brandon Manitoba.

Paw Paw Aristocrat Shiner 8500 in Yellow/Brown/Silver Scale Color with Single Rear Prop Configuration. This lure has the older Cup Rig Hardware and is in great shape. Paw Paw Aristocrat Shiners were made in this single prop configuration for a more sub surface jerk bait style use. 

Beautiful Early Paw Paw 1605 Rainbow Pikie. This great lure has the more rounded head, stamped Paw Paw Hardware, and the great Rainbow color that originated with Moonlight Bait Co. This great lure features painted eyes not tacks. This lure is dated to a time between 1929-1931 and was recently acquired from a great collector from Brandon Manitoba. 

Little Shiner 8400 in Yellow belly Brown Silver scale Color. If you have Paw Paw little shiner lures you think we would be interested in please contact us.

Little Shiner 8404 Red & White. This great unfished lure is preserved in (EXC)+++ Condition it appears to have never been fished with. This great lure also features the Paw Paw stamp on the belly dating this lure to the 1940's. This is another fantastic addition to our collection.

Little Shiner 8412 in Silver Flitters Color. The Little Shiner set as Model 8400 go back to 1942. We are always looking for Paw Paw Little Shiner and Aristocrat Lures. These great lures make sensational collectables.

Aristocrat Shiner 8503 in Tough Green Scale Color. This is a 1940's era lure with painted Cup Rig hardware. Green Scale is one of the harder colors to find. This lure is in fantastic shape, has two props and no belly weight.


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Paw Paw Aristocrat Shiner 8507 in Natural Pikie Scale Color with Single Rear Prop Configuration. This lure has another cool configuration, with older Cup Rig Hardware underneath the Surface Hardware on the top. Look closely at the belly photo to see the two styles of hardware on this lure. It is a unique lure and the first one we've acquired. Paw Paw Aristocrat Shiners were made in a variety of configurations and colors and are a great series to collect.

Paw Paw Wotta-Frog Jr. #72  The Paw Paw Wotta-Frog lures started sometime in the late 1930's with these great lures being listed as new in the catalog in 1941. The Wotta-Frog Jr. was listed as new in 1948-49. Listed at #2 on Field & Stream Magazine's top 30 Antique lures ( Most Artistic Rendition of Frog skin) These lures have amazing splatter paint patterns unique to the industry, no two are exactly alike making each one special, and highly collectable. The Wotta-Frog comes in three sizes model numbers #73 & #74 and the Jr. #72. 

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