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Pachner & Koller Company.

Pachner & Koller known as P & K, this antique lure company got its start in 1933 in Chicago Illinois. The stories of the early beginnings are legendary & filled with lore as they traveled the country pulling a horse trailer selling hooks. Crafting many different styles of lures like the Walkie Talkie and the Swimming Mouse, others like the Bright Eyes and the Amazin Maizie. Other great P & K lures include the Whirl-A-Way, Spotty the Wonder Frog and many other cool baits. Vintage lures from this great company are collectable and very highly sough after.

This great 1940's era P & K Walkie Talkie is the #43 in Black and White color. This Plunker type lure was made of Tenite and features a belly hook and trailing hook. It was originally available in two sizes 1 3/8" and 2 7/8" by the 1950's the smaller size was no longer available. (SOLD)

First appearing in 1935 the Whirl-A-Way was a simple lure featuring a double hook through body design. There was a single hook version also. This great lure dates to the mid 1940's Cat No. 30 in Perch color.  The patent for the Whirl-A-Way was granted in 1934. (SOLD)

More great Lures coming soon as we build our site. Check back often to see more.
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