L & S Bait Company. 

Legend has it, Harold Lemaster began crafting lures for himself sometime in 1933. He referred to his lures as Lemaster Shiner Minnows. These were jointed hand made lures, crafted from walnut. He was driven to craft these lures in pursuit of catching Walleye and Bass from the Kankakee River in Illinois. Sometime in & around 1937 Harold started building and selling his lures from the basement of his home. He brought in Phil Schriner to help craft lures and grow the business. In 1941 and during the war era lure production stopped, sometime in 1946 Harold and Phil cranked up lure production and the L & S Bait Company rose from the ashes of WWII. By 1950 L&S started another factory in Clearwater, Florida. The southern division of L&S would introduce the new, Mira-Lures later branded, Mirr-O-Lures. The company ran both factories for many years with many new models hitting the market. The Mirr-O-Lure line would offer dozens of models and colors for fresh and saltwater. Followed by Mirr-O-spoons, Poppers, Spin-Masters, and more. L&S Bait Co moved all operations to Clearwater later moving to Largo Florida in the 1970’s. Sometime later Phil Schriner sold off his interest in the company. Harold Lemaster Passed away January 1988, his company lives on. Vintage L&S lures are highly collectable and sought after. Legendary lures that stand the test of time. A lasting legacy for Harold Lemaster.

L&S Mira-Lure dates to the 1950's this model No. 00M23 has a great color range #23 and is a deadly bait for Walleye and Bass. This bait was crafted in the Clearwater Florida factory.

L&S PikeMaster dates to the early 1950's this model PikeMaster has a great color range Silver Flitter. This bait was crafted in the Illinois factory. 

L&S Panfish Sinker dates to the early 1950's this model Panfish Sinker has a great color range No. 11 Silver Scale. This bait was crafted in the Illinois factory. 

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