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Fred Arbogast left his day job in 1926 & started his company a few years later. Arbogast formally started his company in 1930 with a talent for carving lures that attracted fish. Prior to this in 1926, The lure maker marketed the Spin-tail Kicker as his company's first official lure. The company then marketed a new lure the following year called the Tin Liz. The new lure offered anglers the same fish catching benefits of the Spin-tail kicker but added more sizes. Arbogast then added the Hawaiian Wiggler to its lineup, Arbogast crafted a colorful plastic hula skirt, by slicing a thin piece of rubber into narrow strips for the popular enhancement, added to the lure. The patent for this skirt given to him in 1938 many anglers today own a lure with this fish enticing addition. Fred Arbogast died in 1947 he is credited for designing 11 different lures during his lifetime. The classic Jitterbug lure first appeared in 1937, Arbogast patented the design in 1940. Considered one of the best top water lures of all time. The lures unmistakeable double-cupped lip is set at the proper angle to expel a fish attracting sound with a great lure wobble. With different variations including a plastic lip version for WWII era Jitterbugs which are very collectable. The Hula Popper has been around for more than 60 years it has proven itself to be a major temptation to large sized bass. The Arbo-Gaster introduced in 1956 with a lip design that allowed the lure to dive deep underwater. Additionally, the lip protects the fishing lure from getting caught on underwater debris. Fred Arbogast was a brilliant lure innovator, with many lures in his collection. Furthermore, his creations have become classic fishing lures worthy of collecting & proving each one still has the mojo to hook a big fish.

Due to the shortage of metals during WWII Fred Arbogast company made the cups for Jitterbugs with plastic, and used wire hook hangers among others, as they were limited by material. The company used whatever they had available. This beautiful example is red and white with white cup from 1942. This war era bug has a wood body, red stenciled Jitterbug lettering. This lure is preserved in very good condition with the original box. 

WWII era Jitterbug with red plastic lip and an un stenciled white early plastic body. We are trying to find out more about this lure everyday. What we know so far is this is one of the early plastic body Jitterbugs from the war era. The lure is in great shape the hooks however are not. The quality of metals available for use during the war were not the best. Given the age of this great bug,  it's in pretty good shape considering. Early plastics did not hold up well. This one was not fished much, and has bounced around collections in the U.S.A.  Now It's here in our collection to stay.

1940's era Jitterbug in Frog with White Belly, this lure has no Patent Date on the Lip Cup. Another of the great colors of the Arbogast Jitterbug family.

970 G Arbogaster White with green spots. The Arbogaster was designed in 1956 for impoundment fishing in deeper water. This lure dates to the mid 1960's

This 630 Jitterbug comes with bell hardware and in Red and White color. The 630 is a smaller 1/4oz version of this classic Bass getter.

This 600 Jitterbug comes in Red & White color. The 600 is the standard 3/8oz version of this timeless classic lure.

This 600 Jitterbug comes in Perch color. The 600 is the standard 3/8oz version of this timeless classic lure.

This 600 Jitterbug comes in all black color. The 600 is the standard 3/8oz version of this timeless classic lure.

This 600 Jitterbug comes in Firetiger color. The 600 is the standard 3/8oz version of this timeless classic lure.

 Hula Popper in Red Coach Dog color.  Hula Poppers were introduced in 1948. This lure dates to the late 1950's

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