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Langley Reels.

The Langley Corporation from San Diego, California. Incorporated in 1939 Langley started out manufacturing Dental tools. After the attack on Pearl Harbor and the entrance of the U.S into World War II, the company was redirected by a man named Henry Mandolf, into manufacturing parts for airplanes. Mandolf was a great aircraft designer and was responsible for several inventions. When the war ended the company needed a new direction, and with all the left-over aluminum Mandolf took the company into the Fishing industry becoming a national brand with some outstanding quality and variety of fishing reels. From the years after the war 1946 to somewhere around 1963 Langley had amassed nearly 40 models of reels and over 50 models of fishing rods. The company was responsible for the legendary De Liar fish weight scale, a scale probably every post war angler has encountered at some point. The company always strived for advancement in quality and delivered such as fishing reels made by Langley have stood the test of time. We start our collection off with one of the first reels produced by Langley Corp the Streamlite 310 Level Winding Casting Reel with the 3-4 Arbor Anti-Inertia. This was also a Trademark for the company and an outstanding fishing reel. Mandolf understood the importance of having a lightweight reel an angler could use all day. The Streamlite delivered in light weight with holes perforating the arbor to cut weight and help with reducing backlash. Anywhere they could reduce weight, they reduced it. I believe this obsession with light weight design came from Mandolf’s influence in the Aircraft industry. Light weight is everything. The Langley Corp slowly drifted back into the aerospace industry and the fishing division sold to Brunswick Corp in the early 1960’s. Brunswick was also the same company that took over Zebco. The quality was never the same afterward. With a company (Brunswick) making bowling equipment who would expect Brunswick to make quality reels. For us we will enjoy the Real Langley fishing reels and collect only the best of the amazing legendary Langley Fishing era.

This Streamlite 310 Casting reel in our collection dates to the late 1940's 1948-49 The original owner purchased this reel in the U.S on a fishing trip and kept this amazing reel all together with box, bag, paperwork and a reel that works as perfect as it did the day it was made. (SOLD)

This Reelcast 500 Casting reel dates to the 1950's It's a special addition to our collection. Widely used for ice fishing the Langley Reelcast 500 is an outstanding vintage reel. We acquired this reel via trade with a collector from New Bruswick Canada. This 500 is an excellent addition to our collection.

More great reels coming soon. Check back often to see more.
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