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C.C Roberts, Mosine, Wisconsin.

C.C Roberts, Constance Charles Roberts the man behind the creation of the "Mud Puppy" was granted his patent for the lure in 1928. Shortly after, Roberts added a partner to his business Jim Rheinschmidt, who managed the company and kept manufacturing lures even after Roberts passed away in 1955. 

Early Mud Puppies have a pin type hook release. It was not a good solution which prompted Roberts to craft a spring style that was much more effective. It is believed the earliest eyes were tacks or simply painted, then came glass, at the end decals were used. The newest more modern lures have decal eyes. Hooks are usually trebles, however during World War II, trebles were hard to come by, so the company used just about any hooks. A clever hook that may be found on lures manufactured during the war was a cool hand assembled treble crafted by soldering a single hook to a double hook and wrapping the shank of the hook with wire for reinforcing, we have two amazing unfished examples in our collection we were able to acquire via Lang's Auction. Mud Puppies come in various colors and different boxes, the most popular is the cartoon box. Other great colors to look for are black, black & yellow, blue, gold, green, green perch, orange, purple, silver, tiger perch, yellow & yellow natural.

Early 1940’s C.C Roberts Little Mud Puppy in Sucker Finish. This lure is a more rare, uncommon one as it has painted eyes and the factory WWII wire wrapped hooks and an early correct picture box which is one of the more uncommon boxes.

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Early 1940’s C.C Roberts Standard Size Mud Puppy in Sucker Finish grading EX+ Unfished well preserved WWII Lure. This lure is a more rare, uncommon one as it has painted eyes and the factory WWII wire wrapped soldered hooks. A Fantastic piece of History.

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