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Pflueger Reels.

First catalogued in 1902-04, by the 1930s the Enterprise/Pflueger Company had grown to include many fishing reels; these were a popular product for the company. Sometime around 1914 reels were offered from Enterprise under three trademarks, Pflueger Bulldog, Four Brothers “ so named after the four sons of E. F. Pflueger”, & Portage, this trademark previously used by one of the brothers, E.A. Pflueger and used by him for a short time beginning in 1906 when he stepped down from Enterprise and formed the E.A. Pflueger Company.
Enterprise remained a top leader in reel manufacturing into the 1960s, producing a great variety of models over the years, everything from tiny fly reels to large saltwater reels, including some of the most popular casting reels ever created. In 1965 the company branding was changed to The Pflueger Corporation. Later it was purchased by The Shakespeare Company. Pflueger reels are manufactured today by Pflueger Sporting Goods, a Division of Shakespeare.
The Pflueger Company's long history of building reliable fishing equipment only adds value to the collection of reels located by persistent collectors. Here we will document the great Pflueger & 4 Brothers reels we have in our collection. Some of the greatest casting reels of all time, our Pflueger Summit 1993-L is in very rare condition. Scroll through the photos of our reels reel below.

Early Pflueger Supreme reel Serial # 3247 all original, in perfect working condition & Douglass patent. The most highly sought after Pflueger reels are the original serialized first versions like this one, they are extremely tough to find. These reels featured a unique set of flippers at each end to load line onto the level wind. We are working on more research into this particular reel, the serial number and handle configuration have this reel dated into the 1918-1919 era its over 100 years old. Amazing add to our collection!

1940's era Pflueger Supreme 1573 reel, with box and papers. This cool reel comes with the upgraded Pflueger "Cub" No.2542 reel handle. This reel is another of the Supreme reel variations made over the years. This one done in the satin finish. This reel is in excellent used working condition.

First catalogued in 1904 the The great iconic reel was redesigned sometime in 1926, our amazing untouched preserved reel dates to 1959. You don't see Pflueger Summit 1993-L  reels in this amazing new condition everyday, it's a rare one!

Pflueger Nobby 1963-C circa 1950's. Satin chromium finish, jeweled oil cups, and engraved trim. The No. 1963-C difference in finish is the only difference between the 1963 and 1963-C. This reel is in excellent used condition works perfectly and is always a great add to a collection.

This Pflueger Akron 1893 Scarlet Jeweled Level Wind casting reel dates to  1956. There are many Akron reels out there to be found, look for examples with correct box and papers for better value.

Great old 4Brothers4 Regal casting reel is a favorite. Featuring patent date & dates of Jan 22, 1907 & Apr 3, 1923. We have this reel dated to the early 1930's, however it may date to the late 1920's, 1928/1929 as we do more research it's looking more like 1928.

Pflueger Trump 1943 reel dates to 1951.  Another of the great economy reels produced by Pflueger.

We are searching for a box for this great late 1950's - early 1960's Pflueger No 1895 reel.  Sometimes you find a great reel, and often can find a correct box and papers later.

Pflueger Progress 1774, this great reel is one of the most popular Fly reels put out by Pflueger. The simple design, ease of use and durability make this one a legend. This particular reel was in on a lot of fishing with it's prior owner a great angler from Manitoba. We are honored to preserve this reel in our collection. 

Coming Soon.

More great reels coming soon. Check back often to see more.
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